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It’s strange looking back over time how things have changed, some have been good, but some bad.. Mostly life appears to be moving forward in a positive way, I say appears but not actually is..!!!! I mean if you look at technology, yes we are massively more advanced now than only 30 years ago. Could you really have expected to see that most young teenagers carry a device powerful enough to do what today’s “Smartphones” do, no I doubt it.

Ok so technology is way more advanced but is it good, in some ways it isn’t, kids appear to communicate via their phones or tablets accessing social media apps rather than actually talking.


Looking at the way we survive, it used to be accepted that humans needed food in the form of meat and vegetables, then we became more advanced and realised the differences between protein, carbohydrates and fats, so we seemed to function better if these were taken over the course of the day in three separate meals….yay… things were looking good. But then a clever dude said there was another element that was involved called calories. The proteins, carbs and fats all had different amounts of calories by weight so we were told “A calorie is a calorie” irrespective of where it came from, just limit the number of calories to a specific amount daily and you’ll stay fit and healthy. What a load of crap….


Ok now look at medicine…We are lead to believe that the constant research being carried out is for the benefit of mankind……………..wrong!!! The pharmaceutical giants (Big pharma) spend billions developing various drugs to address symptoms and nothing more. This way a drug makes a person suffering with an illness feel temporarily better so they become totally dependent on that drug. Each drug has at least 10 potential side effects and some a lot more that require the user to take another drug, this is a never ending cycle

When you stop and think for a minute looking at the technology, resources and money available to these organisations compared to a hundred years ago why can’t they do what was done to virtually eliminate diseases like tuberculosis, diphtheria and pneumonia then do the same for cancer!!! I’ll tell you why, because they can but it’s just not profitable. Why would they throw away Billions and Billions in annual profit when they can just spend millions on advertising conning people into believing their lies.


Ok going back to foods, the way food is grown, and all food is grown not made synthetically. Plants and fruits are grown then either combined or cooked with others to make what is accepted as a meal. They tend to consist of proteins, either animal or fish, vegetables in one form or another then if you are lucky, a dessert.

We are also conned into believing that we’ll get all the goodness we need to sustain us, if ..if this were the case why oh why are so many people sick. There are so many more illnesses and diseases now than just 50 years ago. And it’s not because the incredible research has discovered the disease. No, it just wasn’t there before, it’s there now because it’s been manmade and sometimes purposely not just as a bi-product of herbicides and pesticide spraying.

Because all form of life, be it humans, animals, insects and plants require water first and nutrition. We humans are more complicated and the nutrition needs to be in the form of minerals, vitamins,  amino acids and essential fatty acids. Without these parts of our body, different organs simply fail to function correctly. The human body is incredibly advanced so when deprived of some of the vital nutrients the body doesn’t panic it just looks for a alternative or different source for what it needs. So we carry on living or surviving but not as efficiently, a disease, sickness or allergy appears so we go to the drug salesman, a.k.a. the doctor. who recommends a medication (synthetic drug) to mask the problem. Have you ever asked why a health issue cannot be cured and completely eradicated from the body?

People need to be less accepting of this travesty and ask more questions..

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