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I sometimes wonder about why I got MS,  did I do something wrong ? was I a bad person? no I don’t think so, it just happened I think primarily because I had dental treatment that put a lot of mercury in my body. Mercury Is the most toxic non radioactive substance on Earth,  the Mercury came from the fillings in my teeth.

Having a MS is not a nice thing but I’ve accepted it and realised that I have to do certain things to make my life more acceptable.

So over the time since I was diagnosed I have been able to look at things in a different way and be more conscious of my surroundings, of my food, I don’t just accept things any more and I’m more  into critical thinking, so I look at things, I look at the way things are put together and look at the  ingredients in foods and I think of how that may affect me.

I’ve definitely become more aware of the consequences of eating certain foods.

I have to drink around 4 litres of water each day starting with a litre when I first wake up. That water has organic lemon in it which again is a beneficial ingredient and sets me up for the rest of the day.  

If I don’t drink the amount of water I become extremely weak making it very difficult for me to even stand let alone walk.

But I’m not bitter, I’m not mad, I’m not frustrated and not depressed I just look at things in a different way and accept that it’s all down to what I do, it’s down to me and no one else I don’t take medication I just take natural supplements which I’ve learnt about over the years from my time with Dr Huggins and the study I’ve done since.

My body seems to react badly when I eat a lot of food so it’s come down now to only eating twice a day and as I’ve mentioned  before, the food is not the most important thing it’s the nutrition in the food and because farming has changed over the years it means that there is less and less nutrition in actual foods that you purchase, so the best thing to do is to buy organic foods and prepare them yourself.


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