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The frustrating part of being me is that deep down I am Stefan the guy who’s been to more than 20 countries around the world, done sport’s that most others will say is on their bucket list but in reality will never do. I was the Client service director for the world leading authority on biological dentistry and mercury toxicity…..but, but 99% of the time my body doesn’t give a crap about been there done that…

Instead it reacts to a so called incurable life threatening disease by overpowering my mind and limiting my physical abilities. However being the son of an amazing German born woman that came through the 2nd world war, had  7 kids and 3 husbands it sort of makes me a tad arrogant when it comes to what I’m supposed to be. I see myself as a man that will one day skydive again, will run again and will hike again in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

So yes it is a little frustrating in some ways being physically restricted….temporarily. I know I sometimes ignore my own advice, advice I’ve shared with thousands of others, people that respected who and what I was and knew. People, not just patients and clients but medical professionals as well.

So I’ll persevere down this road and stop being defensive and frustrated and just get on with the task of getting better.

The ignoring of my knowledge is ridiculous but understandable in some ways. Prior to coming back to England, although it was very limiting financially and worrying for the same reason. I maintained the limiting of bad foods even though I wasn’t able to have “treats” such as nicer gluten free foods.

Since I’ve been back and with my disability benefits I’ve been able to buy food, not just gluten free staples but also some that I should really avoid.

That all changes today as I have to “walk, the walk, not just talk the talk”, I’m back on a alternate daily mini fast.

The fasting is quite easy for me in that it’s not difficult for me to actually just miss a meal. Each day during the week I have two meals a day one in the morning and at lunchtime the following day lunchtime and evening this way my body reacts better.

I say better but when I mean is that I don’t have the negative effects from eating as so many of the foods now have very little actual nutrition in them and several of them have additives which although I’m not necessarily aware of them at the time seem to affect me quite badly.

As I’ve said before the fact is that we eat or we used to eat because we needed the nutrition but because of the changes in the way food is grown and produced and because of the herbicides and pesticides and genetically modified organisms in the food nowadays there is very little nutrition actually in them.

I’m very lucky now knowing that I’m able to take supplements with all of the nutrition, the minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids that my body needs on a daily basis.


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