Against all odds…

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I am so proud of myself, ok not the best way of promoting myself but the fact is that I am.

The title of this post, Against all odds is exactly why I feel so proud. If you do some simple research you’ll see that the medical world, yes the medical world, be it doctors, health professionals such as nurses and care givers and researchers will all tell the same story. And that is Multiple sclerosis is an incurable and life threatening disease. Meaning that when a person gets it then their life as they know it is over.

In my case I was officially diagnosed in February 04, although I’d been experiencing symptoms since 1997. So that’s 19 years of crap, getting weaker daily, stumbling and a constantly worsening  coordination. This being the case it was easy to succumb to the professionals and non professionals telling me to ” just accept it and stop living in a dream world”.

But that’s not me, I’ve constantly been researching and looking and trying to overcome this hideous disease.

No…..I haven’t totally beaten it yet…..but what I’m doing now is giving me more hope and optimism than at anytime in the past, none of the “nay sayers” or neurologist’s as they are known have ever given me an ounce of hope. But I honestly believe I’m on the right path now.

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