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It’s strange how a bad thing or doing something stupid can actually be a good thing. That might sound like an oxymoron but in this instance it’s true. Ok to explain my weird thinking; today I felt great early on but everything changed in the afternoon and became quite bad as the day wore on.

It was only when I came to bed and thought about my day that I realised how the bad things happened and how it was my own stupidity that created the problem.

My lunch today consisted of gluten free pork sausages, now I’ve written in the past why all pork products are not good for anyone and specifically bad for me. So knowing this why would I eat them? Well the fact is that they taste so good and I just allowed myself to indulge.

Ok they tasted great but the fact is, they are absolutely no good for me, period.

So to explain the stupid bit and it being good…..

Today I was actually quite frightened thinking that all the things I’ve been doing that I believe are helping to heal me. Then being so weak and I was frighteningly weak this evening made me feel so sad, but then I realized it wasn’t me just getting sicker, no it was my stupidity eating pork freaking sausages..

So tomorrow I’ll feel good and optimistic again.

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