Slap from Gibbs..

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A major part of any potential healing is understanding the effects of foods, nutrition and supplements and how ones body reacts to those components.

It seems that I’d picked up a bug that made my whole body ache, all major muscle groups felt as if they were reacting to a days strenuous exercise. On Monday and Tuesday just getting myself to the loo was extremely painful and exhausted me so doing it 20 times during the day was as I’m sure you can understand not very nice…

No going back to the comments about foods and their effects, I indulged in gluten free fish and mushy peas yesterday. I know, I know I’ve said a million times that fish isn’t good for me. But there are very few pleasures in my life so risking the yummy fish was a risk I was willing to take.

Big mistake!!!!!!

I suffered big time yesterday, thankfully I didn’t have any residual negative effects today and feel positive about the painful lesson I learned and yes I recieved a slap on the back of my head from Agent Gibbs…

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