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I truly amaze myself, there are times when I am so proud of myself for the things I’ve done, how I’ve helped others, I’m referring to my past life in Colorado. But occasionally as I’ve researched and tried things, supplements or activities that have significantly improved my situation.

And then there are times like yesterday…  I’ve written in my diary and my blog about specific foods that my body has reacted badly to. So why oh why do I stupidly ignore my own experiences and personal warnings.. why? Because I’m a plonker!!!!

Rice and Quinoa and eggs tastes so good but I’ve had some bad reactions in the past so having it yesterday (my choice) was not silly but a Damn stupid mistake.

By 6pm  I was horribly weak and fell, luckily my rubberized body didn’t break. It’s not really rubberized and I really should learn that my 60 year old body isn’t going to bounce back many more times.

So I’ll tell myself as I’ve done many many times in the past and hopefully the very relevant and important information will be absorbed, assimilated and acted upon so I can avoid damaging this delicate body of mine.

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