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Continuous research into the pro’s and con’s of various foods and supplements and how they specifically help or hinder my progress along the road to recovery, is as I’m sure you all can appreciate, quite demanding and challenging. I will read about research that has been done by researchers in the field of natural medicines and then do my own due diligence. This is often done by searching for second opinions and justification of said improvements, then the sometimes painful or positive personal trial by taking the food or supplement.

A good friend of mine that I’ve mentioned before, Echoe LaCaille who has researched supplements to a far deeper level than any I’ve previously come across.

A month or so back she extolled the benefits of using mega doses of Vitamin d3 cream, I say megadoses because most research has shown that a daily dose of 400 to 600 iu’s is the correct daily dose. Echoe’s recommendation is to use the cream  in 40,000 i.u’s daily dose.

I started about 4 weeks ago and have steadily increased the dose to around 40,000 i.u’s  and I can honestly say that this is making a difference in a positive way.

Taking any supplement orally means it has to go through many stages before it can be truly metabolised, conversely the cream is absorbed through the skin which is the body’s largest organ and quickly metabolised and directed to the hundred’s of enzymes and organs that have not been able to function correctly.

However it must be understood that to go from not enough to enough will not result in an immediate resolution of the many problems that have been caused. It takes time and consistency before the minor improvements become permanent.

I am doing this to help myself because the world of medicine has consistently maintained that myself and the millions of other MS sufferers have no hope for the future.

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