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It’s strange how just being alive and more importantly Healthy.. Is taken for granted!!

We wake in the morning and open our eyes, we breath, we move around, we eat, drink, speak and the thousands of other things we do and just accept.

If we have a headache, we take a pill!! That’ll make it better so there’s nothing to worry about. Some get hay fever every year so just have allergy pills, it seems that taking a pill or medicine for anything and everything has become “the norm”.

Do we ever think about the 15 million plus breath’s we take each year? What actually happens to the air we breath, by the way the air is really 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The blood running through our body isn’t just “red stuff”, it’s a very complex fluid made up of red and white cells. The red has around 150 ish components that all have a very specific role to play. The white cells are essentially your immune system, the lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils are different levels of protection, the lymphocytes are basically the local Bobby right up to the basophils being the nuclear bombers.

I say this because since I went to work for the Late, Dr Hal Huggins in 07 I stopped being being one with the Health, taken for granted people and studied Dr Huggins and many other leaders in natural health.

Being in a not so healthy condition has totally changed my attitude to life in general, I look upon foods and medicine with a critical eye. Seeing how the companies that produce product to be consumed have utilised the advertising giants to mislead and basically lie about the health benefits of nutritionally bereft fodder. This money grabbing attitude with no consideration for people, quite frankly pisses me off (sorry).

At the end of the day, “You are what you eat”, if you eat cardboard with an artificial flavouring added to it, it’s still cardboard irrespective of the taste.

The many organs in your body, the millions of enzymes and 37 trillion cells will over time fail to do the jobs they were designed to do, don’t complain to your local GP and take another pill to address the symptom, change what you eat to fix the cause..  

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