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I truly believe that my efforts at searching and trying various supplemental options will at some point pay dividends. It obviously can be and has been a frightening experience, I will read certain research that’s been done or do myself about a natural supplement or vitamin or herb and if I feel I can justify using it then I try it. Some results are going to be either positive or negative, I think it’s quite obvious that the majority will either have no effect or a negative effect on me. But occasionally something I try actually helps, at this time after many years and countless trials I feel more optimistic about what I’m currently doing than in previous years.

The Mighty90 is a very specific organic blend of 90 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, liquid chlorophyll and mega doses of vitamin d3 cream.

It’s very difficult to document specific improvements as they can vary from day to day but looking at the big picture, I have to go on an overall feeling. Based on this I truly believe that I’m slowly but surely stopping the disease from progressing in my body. Time will tell if reversing the effects of 17 years with MS can actually be possible.

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