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It’s so frustrating when I’m feeling very good mentally and in my own way , physically and to then to get a bolt from the blue…

I woke early this morning and had my usual 90 minute soak in a warm bath with magnesium chloride. It would probably drive most people round the bend to just lay in a warm bath for an hour and a half. But the mag chloride is really helpful to me so I do it a couple of times each week and meditate.

Anyway after my soak I covered myself with vitamin d3 cream before getting ready to go to my sister Suzie’s for Sunday lunch. Suzie picked me up and drove me to her place 25 mins away. When we arrived Stewart met us and explained the whole village was “cut off” so no electricity meant no food, so Stu drove me home.

Obviously no Sunday lunch was disappointing as he’s a brilliant cook, but the main frustration was because even though I’d felt great in the morning by midday my body was frighteningly weak in fact my left leg refused to work at all.

Fortunately by mid afternoon and lots of water I was almost back to being just sick not totally incapable so much happier.

Then Suzie and Stu brought my Sunday lunch over and it was absolutely yummy.

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