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In the past I was always pleased about the fact that I very rarely got cold, I’d often still be wearing shorts in winter. I remember when I worked in the I.T. industry and had to travel around the country on business, once I was getting fuel on my way up north, I would often wear shorts and t-shirt then stop before my appointment and change into my suit.

I was filling the car, it was a cold winters morning, a guy walked past a looked at me dressed like a summers day, he shook his head and asked what planet I was from.

I loved summer especially when I could be out in the sunshine, the heat didn’t bother me either.

I’m saying this because now I seem to shiver when it’s a little chilly even at home and I’ve mentioned how the heat, even mildly like we’ve had in England, I become frighteningly weak. There’s been days when it’s been a little chilly so I’ve worn a sweatshirt or fleece. Only to find it really difficult to stand let alone walk.

Ok to get to the point, the Thyroid gland has a multitude of functions, two specifically are it’s role in controlling body temperature!!!! So about a month or two back I started to take a very low dose of levothyroxine. I hate taking any pharmaceutical drug so I spent a lot of time today researching natural thyroid support.

I came across lots of research on natural thyroid support with several testimonials of one particular product comparing the results to synthetic pills in a very favourable way so with some more digging I found it and ordered.

Now I know I have MS and I know this isn’t going to cure me, I’m not delusional but the under active thyroid or hypothyroidism is exacerbating this already hideous disease., and my thoughts are that improving the gland that controls hundreds of essential activities could possibly improve my everyday existence.

 It was almost like a light was switched on in a dark room, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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