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The constant battle of life is a trial, always searching for ways of improving the quality of a very basic lifestyle is a pain in the butt. Because of who I am, as in Stefan the stubborn scouser I have to do what I do, never accepting the diagnosis of incurable and it’ll only get worse. But in some ways I’m seeing this as a challenge and in a very weird way I’m enjoying it…. It’s very rewarding to see myself as winning this battle, I know it’s a constant effort just to do the most basic of everyday things but the small and ever so subtle improvements I’ve been experiencing lately are making me smile, I’m a little strange I know but as I mentioned earlier, I’m Stefan the stubborn scouser…

I talked about the Thyroid gland and it’s role in controlling a multitude of functions in the body, the D3 cream I’m applying every day is certainly helping. Over the past month I have tried applying it in smaller and larger doses, at various times of day and multiple sites on my body.

The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck, lately I’ve applied around 40,000 I.u.’s three times per day to address the thyroid at the front od my neck and parathyroid at the back. On Wednesday I also applied it on the legs and last night I felt really good.

I did the same this morning and hopefully the improvements will continue.

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