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Follow up from yesterday..

I think my post yesterday was a bit of a rant, it frustrates me so much to see commercial after commercial harping on about food stuffs and their benefits to health and it appears that the majority of people just accept these lies as truth.

Ok ok calm down Stefan!!! A particular alternative to butter promotes itself as being able to lower cholesterol. Ok so they are telling the truth about lowering cholesterol but as far as that being a healthy thing to do its a blatant lie and one that is very harmful to mankind.

I’ll explain, as I said yesterday and in several posts to my blog over the past four years. Cholesterol is good, contrary to the words of most traditional medical professionals and it seems 99% of them all believe there are two types, Hdl and Ldl.

Actually there are three, hdl, ldl and vldl, high density lipoproteins. low density lipoprotein and Very low density lipoprotein and each has a very important part to play.

Hdl has several parts to play, one very important part is helping to build new red blood cells, ldl is often mistaken for the bad guy, but in reality combines with bilirubin a component of the red blood cells this combination forms bile. Bile helps to break down foods in the liver for it to be separated into the good and necessary nutrients and the contaminants and toxins that need to be excreted.

As humans it seems to be inevitable to not consume food and drinks that taste good but are actually bad. So the nutrition we need often doesn’t get into us resulting in organs incapable of performing the job they were intended to do.  As I’ve said many times, the body needs lipids, there is a difference between good and bad fats but without them certain foods are impossible to be metabolized. Certain fats ensure veins and arteries stay flexible, they can dry and start to crack. Now the body is infinitely more in tune with problems that are happening than we give it credit. When we fail to provide our body solutions in the form of nutrition it has to resort to desperate measures. To stop veins cracking which would result in internal bleeding, the body sends cholesterol to glue the problem. Ok the short term answer helps prevent death but the long term obviously is reduced blood flow through restricted passageways.

The answer is to eat more nutritious foods and allow the body to fix itself and not resort to desperate measures.

Cholesterol is the second biggest natural detoxifier in the body, Albumin being the biggest. So when you are exposed to toxins either through your diet or some other avenue the cholesterol sets about neutralizing them.

I suppose that it’s fair to say that cholesterol is guilty by association, if you did a survey of the accidents in your local city you’d find that every time there was a vehicle accident, there was also an ambulance present.  It would it be fair to suggest that the ambulance was the common denominator, but unfair to say that the ambulance was the guilty party when it came to vehicle accidents. No, the ambulance was there because of the accident and the same applies to cholesterol. As the second biggest natural detoxifier it rushes in to protect you and eliminate the toxins, but what happens is the medical profession see you have high cholesterol in their opinion and give you a statin drug.

The statin artificially lowers your cholesterol and enables the toxins to run riot, you suffer a heart attack or stroke and the doctor says,” I’m sorry it was just because of your high cholesterol, we prescribed an anticholestrol medication but the cholesterol was too high and we couldn’t get it down quick enough”.

This is a load of rubbish, cholesterol is there to help you, God didn’t put us on this planet to commit suicide, he gave us all we need to survive and thrive, but sadly the greedy amongst us have provided lots of tasty appealing treats. But those treats cause problems in our body, so we are told about options that supposedly help. They don’t help really; they just put a band aid on the problem.

In the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration written by Dr. Weston A Price, he found that as the volume of fats in the diet went down , the race degenerated, he said that the people with the best overall health  around the world had about 40% fat in their diet. He monitored the cholesterol and triglyceride levels for almost twenty years and found that there is no relationship between the amount of fats in the diet and the serum level of fats.

Cholesterol makes up approximately 25% of the dry weight of the brain, and at least 23% of the cell membrane of the red blood cells, without this they wouldn’t be able to flex and contort and get through the tiny capillaries resulting in local necrosis , in the brain this is known as a stroke.

I hope this shines a little light but please don’t just stop taking statins, as with everything related to your individual body and health, good nutrition is vital but it takes time.

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