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When we are born there are lots of promises made by our parents and several others who love this new born child. Promises to always love us and hopefully guide us through childhood, but there is only one guarantee that no matter who we are, who our parents are, the country we are brought up in or live as adults, and that guarantee is that we will die.

Now I’m not getting depressed or morose it’s just a 100% guarantee it will happen. We all have a modicum of influence as to how and when that will happen but it’s a done deal. Ok we maybe lucky to live a fantastically healthy, wealthy, successful and loving life but there’s a good chance that is unlikely to be the case for the majority.

I had a brilliant childhood, no we didn’t have lots of any of the niceties in life but we all had an abundance of genuine love.

In 2008 while working at Huggins Applied Healing I took a call from a woman I was soon to know was desperately sick. I talked with Carol for an hour, listening to what had happened in 1984 and how she had struggled since then.

I tried my best to be as understanding as possible and explain what was done through Dr Huggins clinic, not wanting to overwhelm her with the complexities of “Body chemistry re-balancing” and the dentistry with Dr Nunnally in Texas, so I covered it as succinctly as possible.

My first hour long call was repeated the next day, and I was surprised that she called again on the third consecutive day. Carol said something that really moved me, she told me that I’d done something none of the doctors or surgeons over the previous 24 years had been able to do. I was confused when she said this, I mean how could I, me a Liverpool lad have done something the doctors hadn’t. I asked what it was and she said. “Give me hope”, at this statement I just choked and welled up.

Carol went on to have extensive dentistry and body chemistry rebalancing, I know she had to return to Texas on a couple of occasions but it made me very proud and happy.

Ok so looking at my personal situation, am I curing myself of an apparently incurable disease? No but I don’t have another Stefan to call and ask for advice or guidance, so I have to do my own research, testing on myself, decide if the action or supplement has merit and move forward. The encouragement and inspiration I desperately need is only ever going to come from within, I have to give myself hope.

The guarantee after birth is 100%  that death will come but I choose to keep trying to live and as mundane and boring as my everyday existence might appear I’m enjoying it and in my heart of hearts I believe this will be my best decade.


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