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I’m not a nuclear scientist, I’m not brain surgeon but when those people and others in specialist occupations perform their chosen profession it makes no difference to them if it’s seen by others. I haven’t watched them at work but I accept that it was done and I’m fairly sure that everyone reading this also believes it. A hundred years ago things done today would have been perceived by most people to be too fantastically outrageous. Most people carry a smartphone that’s massively more advanced than tchnology used by scientists in their work only 50 years ago.

My point is that just because it wasn’t made public, just because you didn’t see it in the news or on the internet it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Sadly there are organizations that benefit enormously by keeping certain information from the public eye.

The world has changed, a hundred years ago when a medical breakthrough happened it was made public, the people/company or whoever it  was didn’t have a hidden agenda so they published it. Admittedly they didn’t have the same access to communication as we have today but it was still made public because it benefited mankind. Now it’s no longer a case of  “this will help others”, no, now it’s  a case of, “will this put more money in my pocket”.

I accept that it isn’t that every company is trying to hurt us, but sadly the conscience of many in the field of pharmaceutical drugs quite simply doesn’t exist, they don’t give a damn.

Breakthroughs have been made, people have been cured but that information is hidden. Why, because it’s not in the best financial interests of the 6 organisations that control our world.

Oil and Gas.






I know that some people reading this will be raising their eyebrows and shaking their heads saying “Stefan’s wearing a turquoise track suit, but that’s not the case, I’m not trying to be another David Icke. There will be a time that I hope is not too far away when the general public see that what I’m saying is true, the lies and misinformation about things like Sugar, Fluoride, Natural medicine and Cholesterol. The first two are seriously bad …… the second two genuinely good…and people will say “Oh my God, he was telling the truth.

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