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It’s midnight on Tuesday becoming Wednesday and listening to music, my favourite at the moment is “Boyce Avenue” singing covers of beautiful songs and to be honest, Alejandro sings them better than the original.

The title of this post is because of the “Adele” track that made me think and decide to write this.

I sometimes think that maybe I’m from a different world, it feels that I have knowledge of things that very few others appear to know or care about. I mean why do I bother, I share information that should be welcomed by anyone and everyone but comments are rarely seen.

I’m not some weirdo living in a world of conspiracy theories, I honestly know about the topics I’m writing about. The position I held in Colorado with Dr Huggins helped me understand the how’s and why’s of dentistry and the methods used that have hurt millions of unsuspecting people. He wasn’t just some obscure dentist he was the world’s leading authority before he died.

My blog, Ratherbehealthy.com has received more than 1.6 million hits since I started it 4 years ago. There are comments from all over the world, literally, Japan and Australia, China, yes China and Taiwan. All over Europe and South America with the majority coming from the USA. But these are all or mainly from people that don’t actually know me. It seems that the ones that have never met me accept my knowledge and are happy that the I share.

I personally fund my site because I thought it would be a good way or sharing the wealth of information I’d gleaned while I was close to an extraordinary man.

I do it because it’s important to share his work, the knowledge of genuine blatant disregard for humanity. For years I’ve been shouting about the dangers of sugar, now it seems the government are sort of confirming the problem or at least recognising there could be a problem. It’s a massively bigger problem than what’s being discussed at this time but it’s a start. The problem of fluoride in water and toothpaste, the way cholesterol is maligned, the use of artificial sweeteners and many more things will hopefully be made public and recognised as dangerous to life.

Anyway the point I wanted to make is about my blog, please stop thinking of me as some guy you used to know, a mate, an old skydiving buddy, an ex work colleague or relative. I do know what I’m talking about. There’s a link at the bottom of every post on my blog, I don’t expect financial help although it would be nice to think I was worth the cost of a Starbucks, a positive comment occasionally would be nice from who I thought of as friends.

I’m in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I’m constantly exhausted, I stumble when I move around trying to get to the loo which is 20 times a day. Trying to type an article that would take an able-bodied person 10 minutes takes me an hour constantly having to correct my uncoordinated attempts.

By the way only one person has ever helped and that was a beautiful old friend and for her help I was deeply touched and forever grateful.

I am 100% sure about the articles I write and irrespective of “my friends” comments or lack of there are thousands that appreciate my work so I will continue while I can.

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