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Depends on how you look at it.

Friday was a bad day, well I’m sure some will think that after I explain. It started well, in that I woke and felt good, good so far right? Debs came over as normal and did all the necessary stuff like preparing my water for the day then made lunch. On most days lunch is the only meal I actually eat, because I get all the necessary nutrition from my specialised supplements there’s no benefit from eating anything else really. So my lunch was lamb burgers and eggs, yummy to me.

Ok now this is where the day went from good to, hmm how should I describe this, oh yes freaking horrendous.

As Debs left I felt the need to be in the loo, actually not just need but desperately had to be sitting on the loo, understand what I’m saying?

Anyway I’ll not go into specifics but I will say 3 hours later, a pair of shorts and boxers will never be worn again. Over the next 3 hours of which 2 where spent sitting on the loo again and I had to say goodbye to another pair of boxers.

Not a good time but I’m still here and after 2 fairly nasty falls and I don’t have any broken bones although I completely exhausted myself trying to clean up. So, was it a good or bad day? that  depends on how you look at it.

I’m happy because although there was lots of pain, discomfort and embarrassment, none of it was permanent and I came through it unscathed.

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