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Anecdotal evidence and pseudo science.

These two descriptions are almost the same and are often referred to in a derogatory way and are perceived as hearsay rather than actual proof.

The two explanations below were taken directly from Wikipedia.

Pseudoscience is often characterized by the following: contradictory, exaggerated or unprovable claims; over-reliance on confirmation rather than rigorous attempts at refutation; lack of openness to evaluation by other experts in the field; and absence of systematic practices when rationally developing theories. The term pseudoscience is often considered pejorative[5] because it suggests something is being inaccurately or even deceptively portrayed as science. Accordingly, those labeled as practicing or advocating pseudoscience often dispute the characterization.[6]

In all forms of anecdotal evidence, its reliability by objective independent assessment may be in doubt. This is a consequence of the informal way the information is gathered, documented, presented, or any combination of the three.

Ok I can totally understand the descriptions although in reality the use of them can be when the methods used to achieve or reach a desired result are different than those attempted previously.

So a scientific lab, lets call them team 1 spends weeks, months or years apparently using the best qualified people and equipment but fail to reach the desired conclusion.

Then a second team we’ll refer to them as team 2, in a completely separate location with fewer people and lesser resources find the elusive result.

Now it’s revealed that this amazing discovery was achieved by following totally different methods, methods that are opposite to conventional science, in other words they had to think outside the box.

The reality is these doctors, researchers, scientists in team 1 cannot be compared to team 2 because they are not peers or specialists capable of thinking outside the box. So it cannot be reproduced by who in reality are inferior people.

My point is there are answers and positive results to a multitude of disease and illness, people have and continue to be cured, however the conventional science continues to be backed by the billion and trillion dollar companies. The reason this is done, the reason why true cures are actually hidden is because of one reason and one reason only and that is money.

Disease and sickness is a trillion dollar business, there is easy money to be made by keeping people sick and uninformed.

Because these people, the cruel pariahs of this world literally spend billions spreading misinformation and creating distrust of the genuine healers.

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