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Ok I know I send out signals that all is right in my life but the reality is very different. In about 8 weeks time I’ll be 61 yrs old, not exactly in my prime. I’m now classed as disabled because I have what western medicine considers to be an incurable disease. People don’t die of MS per se but they do tend to die because of the seriously challenged immune system and its inability to cope with the continuous assaults of day to day living.

So that being said I should be seriously depressed especially after being told by one of the neurologist’s I’ve seen that there is nothing they can do for me.

I think any normal person would find my attitude a little strange because I’m actually happy, I honestly believe that everything in my life will improve enormously. I believe that this, my 7th decade will be the best 10 yr period of my life.  What makes me think that? I don’t know specifically but it’s as if there is a “Knowing” radiating right through me. I genuinely feel that I know things nobody else knows and its about to happen very soon.

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