Shock absorber..

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Shock absorbers.

In my humble opinion when it comes to teeth and specifically the extraction of them then the majority of people have no idea about what happens. Now that is not a criticism it’s just an observation. I mean why oh why would anyone want to know let alone need to know.

But there are some very, no, extremely important things that should be understood and addressed by the dentist.

What they should know is that an adult tooth, not the first “baby teeth” is held in place my something called the periodontal ligament. This is comprised of hundreds of little strands surrounding and supporting the tooth. There are six different types, 3 types grow from the tooth and the other 3 types grow  from the gum/jaw. As I said there are hundreds of each intertwining to form a shock absorber between the tooth and jaw.

Going back to the important point I mentioned earlier, not every time but often the tooth is extracted the group of ligaments growing from the jaw are not removed with the tooth. The problem with this is that the socket in the gum is part of the incredible human body. It has knowledge, an understanding. The brain is aware some ligament is still there fooling the body into thinking the tooth is still there. So the bone that was surrounding the tooth still has living ligaments but at the top where no ligament was present, new bone and gum will grow. This now creates and airless void in the bone, this is called a Cavitation. This airless void is a breeding ground for bacteria and it has been proven that this bacteria could be more toxic than  tetanus or botulism.

Frightening, now this doesn’t always happen but it is a possibility. My mentor and friend the late Dr Hal Huggins along with his predecessors Dr Melvin Page and Dr Weston A Price documented this more than 75 years ago. This information has shown and categorically proven to be a foundation for so many diseases and yet ignored by the medical professionals we put our faith in.

If you talk to your dentist about it and he looks confused or just tells you that you’re wrong the he’s either one of two things…..A Liar or An Idiot, either way I’d look for another dentist..

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