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With what I feel are genuine subtle improvements in my everyday life, there is a sense of optimism within me. An improvement to me would probably seem like nothing to anyone else, an improvement that is as simple as being able to move my left leg while trying to get to the loo. I know it sounds rather basic but for me it means so much, actually being aware of my leg and not just presuming it’s there and hoping it will move.

Anyway to the subject line, Heat…..the pre MS me absolutely loved the heat, I loved being out for a run or riding on my mountain bike and really pushing myself and feeling the sun in my face, I really loved it. The post MS me really struggles in the heat, even days like yesterday and today, yes it’s warmer than normal but not a day like when I lived in Colorado or Florida, now they could be hot.

I was talking with my lovely sister Suzie earlier today and I said it would be good if everyone that knew me could experience a day with what I feel everyday. Actually that would be cruel, so no I wouldn’t want that, but living an hour would be good. I don’t want to condemn anyone to have this hideous disease but knowing, truly knowing would change your life.

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