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My life is good in so many ways, I know it probably seems like crap to other people but the fact I’m able to live alone and have enough finances to live a comfortable life is fantastic. No I can’t physically do what others can but that’s a restriction I’ve adjusted to. I imagine it appears very limiting and frustrating but as I’ve said before, I honestly believe that the condition and place I currently live is only temporary. How long is temporary? I don’t know but I’ve trained my mind to see this as a stop over, a stepping stone to an incredible life that’s waiting for me.  Please don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not thinking I’m about to kick the bucket, naturally or self inflicted. No I genuinely believe one day soon my whole life will change, it will miraculously transform. I guess most of you will be thinking, “poor Stefan, he’s totally lost the plot”. But I can assure you, I’m not delusional, I haven’t gone loopy, I’m of sound mind and the change is going to come.

The struggles I experience every day, the pain, the weakness and frustration is constant for now, my life is an oxymoron, it’s constantly changing.

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