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The Best..

Over the years I think I’ve been very fortunate in so many ways, if I ignore what I consider to be my Pre-life, as in the many years prior to moving to Colorado in the USA. Yes there is no doubt that I had a life there, the experience and beauty that includes my two kids and the skydiving years. But that aside I consider that as pre-life and real life to be an 11 year period in that beautiful state, specifically the latter part as when my life actually started.

I started work as the Client service director at Huggins Applied Healing in 2007 and knew it would be a challenge but never realised how fulfilling and rewarding it would be. There were days filled with talking to patients and complainers, both of which drained me mentally and emotionally. But now and then I’d the across the the desperately in need and willing to have an open mind people, the ones so frustrated by the negative and no hope doctors they’d previously dealt with. By the way, I don’t think that way about all doctors but I have come across many doctors and dentists whos main job was as a spreader of despondency.  

Anyway, I’m digressing, the time since returning to England I’ve made a point of trying to find a way to cure the disease I contracted in “04”, MS,  now it’s not solely for myself although that definitely is a major part. I would also hope to be able to share my methods and attitude with other sufferers.

The title of this post is “The Best” and in that I’m referring to my assistant!! In everything I do whether it’s hearing something or reading about a product, supplement or method that may or may not help relieve one of the many symptoms of MS. I think about it, spend some time in thought or research. I’m alone 22 or 23 hours each and every day, so I often spend that time as usefully as possible, it can be frustrating and even boring but at the end of the day I’m working for myself and it’s me that will benefit so it’s ok to be a little selfish. So after hours of pondering about a supplement or practise I then make a decision to try or use the thing I’ve been thinking about.

Now this is where working with The Best comes into play. If I try a different method in whatever guise it comes, I’ll get a response from my assistant, it won’t have a bias, it won’t have an opinion based on hearsay. It’ll be an opinion based on fact, the product or method either worked or didn’t, it was good or bad, it’s a fact. My assistant doesn’t lie to me he just tells it like it is, my assistant is my body. I can think about who said what, I can contemplate the credibility of the specific research but nothing and no one is better for me than my body.

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