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Just imagine this, out of the blue with no warning whatsoever you find yourself on an escalator. Strange I know but bear with me, you look forward but can’t see an end to this ever moving stairway. Ok not nice but it gets worse because it’s going down and you’re trying to walk up, why you ask, well when you look behind you the escalator disappears into a horrible gelatinous muddy pile of ….stuff.

So you start walking up, it’s frustrating but at least you’re keeping above the muddy mess behind. After an hour or two you start to feel quite tired and find you’re breathing heavy but hey, whatever you’ll just keep going.

You notice a sign up ahead so you try a little harder to reach it, you take two steps at a time. The sign is so close but each step forward is only just equal to the movement back by the escalator. Then with a massive effort you push on until you can almost touch the sign. Then a rucksack appears in front of you with a message telling you that you must put it on. You do, but realise it weighs about 50 kilos and wearing it really limits your ability to walk. Ok so now this is really pissing you off but you know that going into the mud behind is not an option so as frustrating and exhausting as this is you are not giving up.

So what if the hours become days then the days become weeks and more, you’ve been given a heavier weight to carry and there are tight bands around your legs restricting the blood flow. The feeling in your legs becomes non existent and no matter how hard you look you can’t see the end of the escalator.

What do you do? Resign yourself to slipping back and into the black gelatinous mud or climbing over the side of the escalator and falling to your death.

Or are you as strong as me, and no matter how many extra kilos are piled onto my back or how fast the freaking escalator goes, it isn’t going to beat me, I’ll enter my Forest Gump mode and keep running, not literally of course, well not just yet. By the way, I’ve been on this escalator for 12 years.


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