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I’m writing this post because I truly amaze myself. Today was a day I honestly felt really good  in the morning, I’d had all the water I’d normally drink plus my supplements so the day appeared to be going well. I had some yummy spicy bean burgers at lunch, something I’ve had several times before and really enjoyed. But today (Monday) was different for some unbeknownst reason, while eating I noticed a change in my body that wasn’t good. I started to feel weak which became a lot worse as the day wore on. About 6.00 pm I fell, and this is why I amaze myself, I was making my way back from the loo and I could hardly move my left leg. I was trying to shuffle past the chair , I’d anticipated the movement, as in the upper part of my body started to move but that damn stupid left leg decided it wanted to remain glued to the floor. A fall ensued but my cat like reflexes swung into action. So instead of face planting into the arm of the couch I managed to twist and allow a padded area to cushion my fall. Ok I landed heavily on my butt, yes it hurt but nowhere near as much as it could have done.

So I’m not really hurt, just a bit, and yes I’m frustrated by the reaction to one of my favourites. But I just think it was food, not specifically the bean burgers so I’ll not avoid them in the future but I will think about the possible combinations that may have affected me.


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