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Yesterday was good and bad, it’s strange how my days are almost identical or at least 95% of the day is exactly the same as the previous and following days. As in my routine is the same every day. Not a good thing if you want to look at things with a short term view. But for me I look upon this stage of my existence as simply a stop over on route to something better. As I’ve said before that’s not me thinking my life on earth is limited, on the contrary I’m at the end of the bad times and almost at the beginning of the next adventure which I believe will be the best years of my life, of which there will be many.

A line I’ve used before is:

“I know I didn’t go where I intended, but I also know I ended up where I was meant to be”.

This is because I honestly believe that there was a reason, a purpose behind me getting this disease, yes it is perceived by doctors to be incurable and yes and it’s made my life very tiring, very painful (24/7) and very frustrating over the last 16 years (4 years before official diagnosis). But I know I will find a way to beat this, and I know this will enable me to help lots of others suffering with this hideous disease.

The title of this post is Doubts, my physio came today (Tuesday), Claire is a wonderful young lady and I really appreciate the work she’s done with me so far and the effort she always makes. Today we talked about my plans over the next month or two regarding nutrition and how I plan to address the main issue I’ve talked about in previous posts.

For a few moments I had doubts about my plan  because of what she said, but at the end of the day, my understanding is based on knowledge that is 180 degrees from that of western medication. knowledge from research done by some truly amazing people. So yes I was momentarily stopped but what I know is what I know, not simply an opinion but genuine knowledge based on fact.

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