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As we go through our lives the are numerous phases or stages, obviously they can be looked back on as either good, bad or whatever. As we get older I think most people would say they enjoyed their 20’s or 30’s best, I mean that was when you may have been at your fittest or healthiest or maybe when you had more freedom or less stress. Whatever your reason, it was a part or phase of your life. It wasn’t your life per se, it was part of it.

The way I see it was yes my 20’s  and 30’s was probably the time when I was at my physical best, probably less available cash with kids, wife and mortgage. But it was just a part of this incredible life  so far, there is and will be so many more adventures and experiences that I just can’t even imagine right now.

The time I came back to England and lived alone in a flat, a nice one but still a flat (apartment) in Worksop is a stepping stone. This isn’t what I am, ok yes I do have (it) and I do live here but it’s not where I’m going, this is a very small part of the adventure that is my life. I started in Liverpool in 1955, where and when it will end I don’t know but what I do know is that when I look back at the end I’ll be able to say quite confidently that this was an amazing journey.

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