How hard could it be…

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When I stop and spend time in thought about my intentions, on paper it sounds quite straightforward, but being healthy and wealthy isn’t quite as easy when there are some serious obstacles in the way. Firstly and probably the biggest obstacle is a little matter of a disease 99% of doctors around the world would say is incurable. I suppose they have a legitimate argument when you look at the conversion rate from sick to healthy. Ok it’s a big obstacle but as it says, it’s an obstacle not an insurmountable obstacle but certainly one that could be difficult.

Now the remaining problems are all associated with the first, getting a well paid job in my condition is just not going to happen. I mean being able to actually work for anything more than two or three minutes at a time doesn’t pay well.

I have no financial assets, no car, I’m in a rented flat, I’m on disability benefits. Not looking good so far but the one factor not being taken into consideration is who we’re talking about.

The title of this post is “How hard can it be” the answer is simple, impossible unless your name is Stefan and that’s mine so watch this space and be prepared to be amazed…

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