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The fact that when a product or service is advertised nationally, regardless of the truth, if the advertisers have cleverly promoted the item, whatever it is, it will be believed by the millions watching the TV or listening to the radio or seeing it on paper. The power held by these companies is quite amazing, especially when the message they are sending is based on what the makers of the product have said. These people can and do say whatever they want in relation to the benefits or lack of,  this is bad and potentially very dangerous when their product is directly related to the health of those using it.

So in reality the only justification for a product being seen, believed and used by the innocent uninformed public is how much money the makers have thrown at the advertisers. When the makers will be making exorbitant profits through the sale then they are able to spend literally millions on advertising.

I imagine the majority of people reading the warnings by me and the many others saying this, think we are conspiracy theorists, that’s not the case. During a near four year period, part of my work with world authorities in this area was directly involved in researching some of the products used every day that have had a seriously detrimental effect on literally millions of people.

There are several products being promoted as either healthy or unhealthy and used or avoided depending upon the recommendations being shouted out as truth in the commercials. Two of the many items are fluoride and cholesterol.

Fluoride in water, toothpaste and other dental products is promoted as something that helps to prevent tooth decay. The advertisers are only saying what they have been told themselves so they aren’t to blame. The truth, unbiased truth, not lies from the manufacturer is that yes fluoride may possibly help in preventing decay, but the amount of fluoride on a toothbrush is about 34 times the necessary amount to do that. This amount of fluoride if swallowed by a small child could kill the child…yes kill a small child, so this is  seriously dangerous and should be avoided. On top of this the fluoride is actually sodium fluoride which is a by-product of aluminium smelting. In the USA the sodium fluoride is imported from China, the Chinese wouldn’t put into their dental products and certainly not their water. I’ll not go on about the many other detrimental effects this has but I seriously recommended that you do your own research and not listen to what is being said by the manufacturers.

Cholesterol and anti cholesterol drugs, I think this annoys me more than anything else. The drug companies for years have been making billions by selling this lie. The truth is that about 40% of cholesterol in the body is actually made by the liver. The human body has got to be the most incredible thing, a million times more advanced than the most up to date leading edge computer. So why would it make cholesterol? It makes it because it’s the second biggest natural detoxifying substance in the body, albumin being the first. It’s there to protect you, it’s there to break down and destroy toxins. But based on very old and very wrong research that says it’s cholesterol that’s causing health problems, this research is almost laughable it’s so wrong. What’s happening is the contaminants and toxins that have been consumed in nutritionless  and adulterated foods are causing serious problems then cholesterol goes in to destroy it. When people have heart attacks or strokes the misinformed doctors say the cholesterol levels are high so that’s why the person died. But in reality the drugs prescribed by the doctor has prevented the cholesterol from doing its God given job.

Look at the statistics for accidents on the road, at every accident there was always an ambulance present, so statistically if you remove all ambulances there would be fewer accidents, no I don’t think so.

The title of this post is Guilty…but it’s really guilty by association.

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