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It seems after watching another video of Mike Dooley that so many millions of people, me included have been going about manifesting the wrong way. He talks about how most people will attempt to do this by asking for specifics such as winning the lottery or finding love with a specific person. He explains why this is wrong and why most of us will never have success in any great magnitude. Our desires, our manifestation is just that, it’s uniquely ours not what someone else might want, desire or need.

We need to be focussing on the big picture not on the steps to achieve it, divine intelligence will work out the best route taking into consideration all options, all obstacles and diversions to reach and achieve our goal.

I personally believe in a higher power, some may identify this as God, some may chose universal intelligence. Whoever this is and I believe that He and It are the same, wants us all to live in good health and abundance. So have faith and confidence that the chaos of life has a purpose, no need to worry about the route, the direction because that doesn’t matter, it’s the end result that matters regardless of the steps and hiccups along the way.

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