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I have to start this post by stating that I’m happy and just as optimistic as ever. There has been a minor problem but only a little frustrating one and no more than that.

I started the day feeling really good, (Saturday) it’s fairly normal of late to feel strong and confident during the first four or five hours even though I tend to experience a weakness as the day wears on. Obviously the symptoms of this disease  (and notice I don’t refer to it by name anymore) mean that being physical is always going to have a detrimental effect on my body.

Personally I’m so proud of myself to be able to be mentally strong  regardless of the fatigue  I experience and I force myself to persevere.

Ok, I started by saying I’m happy, yes that’s true when I look at the big picture but looking at the situation at a particular moment in time then I’m frustrated. I suppose I have to accept that I’m just me, I’m studying and researching as to why the disease I have continues to make my life so limited. Major hospitals, universities and research facilities are apparently trying to find a cure to the world’s worst diseases and that includes the one that’s living in this incredible human body that I also live in. So I shouldn’t be so frustrated because I can’t experiment as they do using “invitro” techniques rather than “invivo” as I do. So when something works or not they can simply use a different Petri dish but with me I have to try for a month or so then either try something different or continue doing what I’m doing. But overall I’m happy and see only positives when it comes to my nutrition and just as importantly, my mental approach.

This is life, we all live our own, we all have problems, be it health, financial, love or family or whatever so we can either complain and go through the “Woe is me” phase or we can just get on and do our best and make the best of what we have. I’m lucky because I inherited the “suck it up and do the best you can attitude” from my incredible mother.

Yes there are times during the day when I know what I have sucks and physically I’m very limited and in pain 24/7,  but I also know that things could be a lot worse, so I’m genuinely happy and so grateful.

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