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Well yesterday, Sunday was my 61st birthday, it was strange in some ways but great in others. Strange in that apart from a telephone call from my sister Suzie who in in Florida for the next 3 months and seeing Mel who is a temporary carer I spent the day on my own. Ah, poor Stefan, no no not really because being alone is quite nice, I am very comfortable with my own company and I see this anniversary of my birth as just another day, no big deal.

The good part is actually a great thing because it seems that my determination, my resilience to the inconvenience, the awkwardness, the pain and frustration is actually paying off. I felt stronger and more stable so yes… it’s been a good day.

As I’ve said before, this illness definitely has an uncanny ability to put a dampener on things sometimes without any warning but after 17 years of this, the investigation the research and trials I think I have a good understanding of it. When the bad stuff happens and the really bad has only been once or twice each year, I dig deep and draw on the resilience and my tenacity to not give up. The great days such as Sunday serve to remind me, to confirm that this is beatable and never in my case be incurable.

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