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In 2002 I made a decision to go to the U.S., I chose to do this to be with a woman I’d been talking to. We had only been talking for two weeks before I decided to go and it was only 2 weeks later that we married. A very rash decision was made by she and I which only six years later ended in divorces.

I could look back and say it was a stupid mistake made by us both, but the decisions were made when we both had hidden agendas. Mine was because I wanted to be living in the US and hers because she was going through a difficult time financially and thought having a husband would help. Obviously we both had feelings for each other but there is no way it could possibly be perceived as love, it wasn’t really a marriage it was just cohabitation. Am I proud of it?….No. So in each of our own individual ways we were both selfish and as I said earlier the marriage ended six years later after she started having an affair. I can’t condemn her because of it, I wasn’t unfaithful but my motive for marriage was equally as misguided as hers.

I’ve no idea what or who happened in her life but in all honesty I hope it’s good. Again looking back both she and I did what we thought and probably was for the best for ourselves individually. In my case which is what I’m concerned about is that I met Dr. Hal Huggins who was a pioneer in his field of expertise. I didn’t realise it at the time but the 3 1/2 years working for him was the most rewarding time of my life so far. I talked with many thousands of people, some became patients and in later years some became friends.

So what started as two people making two very selfish decisions turned into an unforgettable experience, an adventure never to be repeated.

After being his Client service director, his sounding board and his friend I saw life in a very different way. He opened my eyes and helped me to help others and for that and for the honour of knowing him I am very proud and will be forever grateful.

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