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Part of the on going research for me, lead me to the thyroid and the importance in my current situation and although this isn’t new to me I’ve decided to give Lugol’s another try.

Reasoning…..the thyroid in everyone’s body is, putting it mildly… damn important.. and in my case and of course everyone suffering with the same health problems it’s even more important that it’s functioning correctly. The thyroid, a small butterfly shaped gland at the base of the neck and it needs iodine which is normally extracted from foods. I’m sure everyone who’s read my posts know that my view on the nutrition that’s supposed to be in food, is nigh on extinct due to farming techniques, herbicides, pesticides and the major nutrition exterminator, GMO’s. So extracting iodine from foods nowadays is none existent. When the thyroid doesn’t have enough T3 and T4 the pituitary gland secretes TSH the thyroid stimulating hormone. When this fails the hypothalamus secretes TSH releasing hormone. Obviously these glands in my case are a tad overworked so in order to help I’m going to start the Lugol’s again. Lugol’s is 15% iodine and in all my research appears to be the best, especially knowing that the Levothyroxine which I’ve agreed to take, primarily produces T4 alone.

Overall it seems that the current methods are continuing to help, I’m feeling good generally, I seem to be sleeping better and certainly feel better mentally and physically for longer through the day.  This disease it is working 24/7 to weaken me, to limit the muscles in the whole of my body. So it’s not as if I will just stay the same each day, I  get weaker everyday so I exercise every day, several times actually.  Everyday it’s as if I’m starting from scratch with no benefits of the previous exercise on previous days. I’ve described it as fighting a never ending battle, trying to get out of quicksand, trying to walk up a downward escalator.

A couple of years ago it was 1 step up but 2 steps back. I haven’t beaten this illness, yet, but now it feels that I’m going up one but only going back one so to me I’m winning…


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