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In life I think most people would like to think of themselves as good, I personally think it’s nice to do something to help others in need. I don’t think of myself as being better than anyone else but I know it makes me feel good. My website is a small way of sharing information that I know can help others. It costs me to keep it active,  it’s not a profitable thing thing to do taking my time and and the costs involved into consideration, but with people all over the world looking for help I want to do this.

As you know I’m disabled now but fortunately for me I get disability benefits, not a lot but enough to pay the bills, I know there are millions of people in a far worse place than me so I do what I can to “pay it forward”. I do this through my site and give 5% of my monthly benefits to several worthy charities.

Now, the title of this post will indicate how I feel about certain so called charities that in my view having done my own research into them are not deserving of your trust and donations.

I personally feel that one particular organization is disgusting, partly because they are fooling most people into thinking that they are really trying to help. They aren’t because it’s not in their best interests, I know some people reading this are going to call me all the worst names under the sun, but this is the truth and at some point you’ll realize I’m right.

This “charity” pays six of the senior executives more than £200.000 per year, in fact the CEO is Harpal Kumar and is paid £240.000 and lives in a £1.6m home in north west London and no mortgage.

Knowing that this charity portrays itself as a glowing light and is genuinely trying it’s best to help millions that are suffering and dying every year. in my view a charity should be doing charitable and honourable work not paying senior executives as much as and in two cases more than the Prime Minister. These 6 executives are not directly involved in any research or actually physically helping. What is this charity? Cancer research UK.

The subject of cancer and the constant requests to donate always play on the heartstrings of most people seeing the tv advertising. They give the impression that without the donations of millions of people then their ability to fund the necessary research would be seriously impacted.  But consider that  about £3.5 billion was donated over the past 5 years for so called “research” with no cure in site. I wonder how Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur or the research into Diphtheria, Polio or Pneumonia would have managed over the past 120 years when all they had to work with was a microscope and Petri dishes.

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