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I say this knowing some people will be saying to themselves that they knew my optimism was too good to be true. And to be honest I myself am tempted to think that way as well especially after my evening. But I’ll start at the beginning of my day, I was up and about at my normal time between 7.0 and 8.0 am. The morning was excellent in that I was able to do everything including a variety of exercises without any trouble or difficulty. As I’m writing this the reason I think could have caused my problems as the day wore on has sprung to mind. I’m actually feeling good knowing what caused the problem. Before I say what I believe was the cause I’ll say that from about 6.0 pm  I started to feel a bit wobbly in my legs. I decided to go to bed at 7.30 and had a serious problem getting from the bathroom to the bedroom which is all of 4 feet away. I almost had to crawl but managed with great difficulty. Even getting into bed absolutely drained me, at one point I even slid fell off the bed onto the floor but after about 30 minutes I felt a little better and I was able to get up and into bed. I imagine you are thinking “how can you slide off the bed”, it’s hard to describe how unbelievably weak I become, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sit up in bed…So I tried to turn by forcing my left leg off the edge by nudging it with my right leg, then it fell off the bed as if it wasn’t connected to me. Then my whole body followed and luckily I didn’t smash my face into the bedside table (nightstand).

As |I said, I eventually felt stronger and again with great effort managed to gain some control over this thing I live in and decided to write Wednesday’s post. OK, the reason and I feel confident saying this was the soya sausages I had at lunch then again at 5.0.

It’s now 9.30 pm and the difference between now and 2 hours ago is like night and day. I was feeling so bad earlier I actually had doubts in everything I believe in, my faith in God, my belief in my knowledge and experience. I stopped and talked out loud, questioning Him and me. Then the answer came out of the blue, oh you stupid boy Stefan I’m telling myself.

I’m sorry for doubting..

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