Don’t try….

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I read a lot and spend a lot of time researching, I know a lot of people will think that if I read or hear about some amazing results from using or trying something that it has to be true and if I do or use the same thing then it has to happen for me. Well no, that’s not how I think, I don’t live in a dream world and believe everything and anything promoted on the internet. But I do believe in me, I believe in the power of my mind, I have faith in God, the universe or whoever is the ultimate power. Yesterday I was weak and after many years of suffering, and it is suffering, I slipped into a momentary lapse of confusion. But as I said that lasted minutes, no, seconds before an answer literally jumped into my mind. The happiness I felt at that moment was indescribable, I was relieved that there was a very tangible reason for the weakness.

I’ve said on numerous occasions that I know without question, without a shadow of doubt that I will once again be able to live my life not simply exist.

There is no, I will try.

There is no, I think.

There is only I WILL.

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