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In life we all have many choices to make, we decide what job or career to focus on depending on wanting to just pay the weekly bills and have enough left over for a weekend of fun or is having a longer term view on a career for life more important.

Where to live, the flat or house, the village, town or city. These are all big decisions that will affect your life and often these choices have an impact on others as well, wife/husband and kids.

But what if it’s choosing someone to be on you side in difficult times, who would you chose? who could you rely on without question, without a moment’s hesitation, who ?

I’m lucky because I know there are people in my life that when push came to shove that there are some, not all but definitely some family that would be at my side, I’ll not offend anyone by name but the ones that I know would be there know who you are…

But when I look at my everyday life, my challenges, my pain, my frustration, my heartache and let me say they are all great as in huge, then I know if I were given the choice of who to be, if I could be any other person, who would I chose to cope with this crap. Then my first choice wouldn’t be anyone else it would be me because I know not many could deal with this, not many would be able to fight and win this constant battle.

I’m not demeaning anyone else or saying I’m better than anyone but I am saying that very few people would have the patience, the determination, the stubbornness in reality to stick with this, to stay the distance when every medical professional I’ve met over the past  14 years have had a very different opinion to me.  The difference is they all have an opinion that’s based on failure, people in the main don’t beat MS or any other so called incurable disease, but they aren’t me or the amazing man in the video I saw yesterday..  


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