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Below is a description of MS taken directly from Wikipedia, the documentation went on for considerably more than I posted here.

The reason I did this, is to show how the medical world perceives this hideous disease. Apparently it’s the most common of the incurable diseases that affect the central nervous system. The statistics show that around 2.5 million people are affected around the world and about 70% are women.

Anyway reading through the full document (not included) it stated that about 1.5 % commit suicide because of it, and approximately 50% die because of symptoms within 25 years of contracting the disease.

Now in my case I personally don’t think any of the documented statistics apply to me, in fact I know the don’t.

I measure the changes, the subtle improvements I experience on a regular basis,  I have an innate ability to measure these as if I was timing a Formula 1 race, I have to look at the minutiae. I am special, I am incredibly strong mentally, I am Stefan and  I’m unique.


Taken from Wikipedia.

A person with MS can have almost any neurological symptom or sign, with autonomic, visual, motor, and sensory problems being the most common.[2] The specific symptoms are determined by the locations of the lesions within the nervous system, and may include loss of sensitivity or changes in sensation such as tingling, pins and needles or numbness, muscle weakness, blurred vision,[18] very pronounced reflexes, muscle spasms, or difficulty in moving; difficulties with coordination and balance (ataxia); problems with speech or swallowing, visual problems (nystagmus, optic neuritis or double vision), feeling tired, acute or chronic pain, and bladder and bowel difficulties, among others.[2] Difficulties thinking and emotional problems such as depression or unstable mood are also common.[2] Uhthoff’s phenomenon, a worsening of symptoms due to exposure to higher than usual temperatures, and Lhermitte’s sign, an electrical sensation that runs down the back when bending the neck, are particularly characteristic of MS.[2] The main measure of disability and severity is the expanded disability status scale (EDSS), with other measures such as the multiple sclerosis functional composite being increasingly used in research.[19][20][21]


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