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Now I’m fairly sure those of you older than 40 will have heard of that, what about “Man in a suitcase” or “Bird on a wire” or even “Snakes on a plane”. Ok most will know some or even all but there’s one no one will have heard of and that’s “Man in a fridge”. Sounds funny, yes and probably looked very funny but because it was me, then no it wasn’t funny at the time. How could this happen? well on Sunday evening I decided to treat myself to some yummy sugar free chocolate that I keep in the fridge. After I got a bar out and broke in half, I put the other half back in the fridge but my mistake it slipped off the shelf and fell onto the floor. I bent down to pick it up but my legs sort of buckled, so clinging desperately to the worktop with my arms and chin for what felt like forever until my shaking legs buckled beneath me I was straining with everything I had trying to not completely collapse. After two minutes of straining my legs gave out, at this point my legs were completely twisted under me, my head had hit the worktop as I slipped down and twisted so my back was to the open fridge. Ok this is when if it had been in a movie it would have been hilarious. But it wasn’t and I was in extreme pain with my legs twisted underneath me, I just couldn’t move. I had no strength to move or straighten my legs. After probably ten minutes I was able to force my legs from under me and move myself away from the precarious position of half in and half out of the fridge I was then able to close it then lay face down totally exhausted on the kitchen floor.

Things have been going great lately and I think if I hadn’t been making the efforts and improvements I have then I wouldn’t have been able to get away from this with only damaged pride. The lesson learned today is “Stop being a cocky git”, no real damage done.

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