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I often think about the world as we know it now, the attitude to life, the necessity to have things immediately, to have them bigger or smaller from a tech standpoint. In some ways it’s good that technology is moving so fast. It wasn’t that long ago, it seems, that I was thinking how cool it was to be able to send a text message from my mobile phone, wow it’s incredibly to look at the convenience of life in general.

All that is good and I have no problem with this but I hate the way that attitude has spread and infected other areas of our life in a very negative way  I’m referring to foods and medication.

Both of these industries have changed dramatically and their sole aim is to make more profit, regardless of the damage it’s doing to humanity.

The foods on sale have slowly but surely become less and less nutritional. Probably 90% of the foods in supermarkets contain far more additives that actual food. If you read the label on just about everything you buy you’ll see twenty or thirty ingredients in a can of beans or peas or tomatoes. Why is sugar added to most prepared foods, sugar is toxic, it’s a simple fact, that and lots of additives are Excitotoxins that stimulate the “must have more” reaction in your brain.

These people are all working in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry, you eat crap that tastes good but has no nutrition then eat more of it and put on weight and get sick. Cue big pharma who with the help of the brainwashed doctor gives you a drug that simply ease one of the symptoms. Then you find you are on it for life making big pharma happy as you’ll have to increase the dose over the years and increase their billion pound annual profits.

Time is the title of this post, and this is referring to why so much is made by these shitbags, excuse my language. People want food, they don’t want to wait for it to be cooked for a long time so it’s loaded with synthetic and chemical additives so it can be stored longer and cooked quicker.

People in general have little patience so they see a doctor with a health issue (more than likely created by plastic food) he gives a drug that literally dumb’s the internal sensor into not recognising the problem. So the almost immediate reaction is good, but in reality the problem is still there so it’s  perceived as the drug came to the rescue, albeit short lived. All that’s happening is they are putting a sticking plaster on to something that needs a lot more, ideally to eliminate the crappy foods. But doing things naturally and correcting the health issue takes time.


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