Tale of two statements…

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Two statements.

Change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.

Ok I’m writing this on Sunday evening but will post on Monday morning.

The past five days have been the worst of my MS life, I’m not going to go in depth about the specifics but I will use the following to describe how I’ve felt, Frustrated, Humiliated, Exhausted, Confused, Isolated and quite frankly I’ve been Petrified. Now because I’m still tired and a little shaky I’m a little restricted, but I will go into the first statement, if I were to say how I feel right now based on the last five days and the previous adjectives then I’m sure you’d understand if I was a little depressed. But as the statement says, I’m looking at it from a different angle, things could have been so much worse if I didn’t have incredible determination and a wonderful niece, Debbie has been so good to me and it wouldn’t have been possible to get through if she hadn’t been there, so Thank’s Deb’s.

The second statement.

What you believe, determines what you make true.

Yes I have MS an incurable disease, apparently, yes I’ve been struggling and in a lot of pain, but what I believe is that I will come through this and laugh about what it was and not how it is.

Monday morning…

I can move my left leg, the swelling has eased and I feel stronger, I feel I’m back to my pre 5 day thriller  and so happy.



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