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I think everyone has at sometime in their life said they wanted to do something, be it losing weight or a parachute jump or get a degree to enable them to get a better job. Often it’s a new year’s resolution and we make a promise to ourselves. But these are rarely completed and excuses are made to justify why this couldn’t be done. It’s strange how in 99.9% of the time the excuses are completely acceptable because the original goal was just too hard or impractical, I mean who wants to exercise for an hour before and after a hard day’s work or just eat salads or not have some alcohol or spend hours studying. All the excuses, the justification to not complete the task make good talking points over a beer. But at the end of the day completing any challenge requires determination, there’s no point in giving up without trying your very best, a challenge is a challenge, it’s going to be hard, painful, boring, frustrating and more, the reason most people, not everyone but most people don’t lose the weight, make the jump or get that degree is because of one reason and that’s because it’s easier to fail than succeed.  When the body says “no more I just can’t do it” a little speck in your heart and hidden in the depths of your mind has to say “No I’m not giving up, I will do it”. In my situation there are options available to me all the time, it would probably be easier to not drink 5 litres of water each day, not going to the loo as often would definitely be easier, eating more of my favourite tasty foods and treats would be so nice. But all these options have short term immediate benefits, It tastes nice or it’s more comfortable to rest but I have a desire to actually live again not just exist and although the other things are easier, in my mind it’s failing and that’s simply not an option, I’m not saying I’m better than most people but I know I’m different.

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