I’m so very lucky…

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A good friend of mine  over the water in a small and totally unpronounceable town in Wisconsin sent me hyperlinks to Dr Joel Wallach an incredible man talking about MS and the use of the supplements I use, there was also one for an MS patient who recently started using them. Quite amazing what he had to say and so good to see an MS patient who for twenty years has been following the recommendations of traditional neurologists. The improvements he’d seen in two days made me so happy. Now unlike 99.0% of sufferers  who have followed the guidance of traditional doctor’s I haven’t followed them, in fact from day 1 I refused to take any drugs that do nothing but alleviate one or two of the many debilitating symptoms. What I have done is do my own research and follow leaders in the field of alternative medicine. Some things were just different like acupuncture and acupressure, both helped to a degree. An extreme method was bee sting therapy, I talked with a wonderful lady, Pat Wagner if I remember correctly was the pioneer behind this and she made massive improvements, I tried but it just wasn’t a feasible option for me. There have been probably a hundred different things I’ve tried in this lifelong quest of mine. The current method I firmly believe is the one that will change my life, I’ve been following Dr Wallach’s methods on nutrition for seven months and I’m very happy.

I titled this post “I’m so very lucky” because when I watched the guy in the link who’s had MS for a couple of years longer than me then look at myself, I realise that staying away from the drugs and sticking to good nutritional methods is the way to go, I am so very lucky.


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