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If we look at our life as it is now, as in who’s in it, where we live and work, our family especially if we have kids. Looking at it I’m sure everyone reading this would not have a doubt in their mind that they would do whatever it took, whatever was necessary to protect that one thing that takes the number one priority, and that is your child or children. Regardless of the hours, weeks, years you’ve worked to achieve what you have, if the choice was keeping the financial and physical wealth or saving your child then there is no question, it’s the child every time.

That’s how I feel about the body I’m living in, as in what you know as Stefan. Where I’ve been and what I’ve done in life count for absolutely nothing when it comes to saving my life. The doctors and specialists I’ve seen over the last seventeen years have basically told me that there’s diddly squat they can do for me. That I have an illness that although is not terminal in itself. It does create turmoil in the body and causes so much havoc that the internal defenses, the immune system is so tied up that it leaves the doors wide open for the normally innocuous infections to run riot. This being the case it all comes down to what I can do for myself, there is absolutely no point in feeling sorry for myself, there’s no future in sitting back and accepting defeat. The future and that’s all I’m interested in is my number one priority, how do I get there? In my mind the only way is to think of my mind like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open. I will keep an open mind and do whatever it takes. So many things I’ve read about can be viewed as anecdotal evidence and in 99% of time I do my own due diligence before dismissing or possibly trying. But regardless of what anyone thinks I have to keep trying and believe I will succeed, it might not be tomorrow but then again, it might.

I know some of the thousands that read my blog daily have questions, be it about me, yourself or someone you know. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge especially after the incredible years working with Dr Huggins in Colorado. So if I can help you then please feel free to ask and if I can, I will.

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