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Yesterday I talked about what I feel is my number one priority, I don’t think it was being selfish when I say it’s me, I don’t feel I need to justify this but I will say living and I mean actually living as in doing different things everyday and not simply existing is my goal. I’m not in any way shape or form depressed or anxious but I accept that at this stage of my life I’m existing not living. The fact that in my heart of hearts I believe 100% that the positive change will happen and as I’ve said before it might not be tomorrow but then again it might. So the way I see it is that this phase of my life, the phase that I have a problem that restricts me and limits my life in a horrible way is temporary. This is a stop over, ok it’s been a lengthy stop over but it’s not where my life ends, on the contrary, it’s the starting point for an amazing period.

By the way, there was more than 30 emails from people with questions about health, all but one were from outside the UK, interesting….

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