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Since returning to the UK there have been so many things I’m extremely grateful for especially as the last year in the U.S. was so hard. I’d lost my job, a job I’d considered to be my career, then struggling to find decent employment and surviving on unemployment benefits until that ended. So coming back to England was at that time my only hope and with help from family I’ve got a decent life, OK an existence at this time but far better than I had before I returned.

I’m focused on the things that matter as in my life, I read a lot, some of it simply for entertainment which can distract me for several hours each day. I also spend a few hours researching and rereading books written by Dr Huggins or Dr Levy or both or some of the many others I was fortunate to know.

So being back here has definitely been beneficial in a variety of ways, but when I stop reading the books and surfing the web I meditate and find it really helpful to quiet my mind, a difficult thing to do. When I ignore the obvious problem, as in my health I find that my mind tends to wander, not aimlessly but constantly back to the work I did, the patients I talked with daily. I really miss two particular friends, Shari and Carolyn, I miss talking with “Doc” and picking his brain and expanding my knowledge which I’m proud to say is good although the knowledge I gained over the years was a lot to me could have been stored in his little finger. Two amazing dentists, Dr Blanche Grube and Dr John Rothchild helped and taught me so much, great friends, I love and miss you both.


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