No wishes or hopes…

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It’s a strange thing, life that is, it’s strange because the majority of people go through their life with a very different set of goals to me.  I’m not demeaning everyone else I’m just saying that I see things in a very different way. I’m not planning for the holiday away with the kids or making wishes about the future with someone or being somewhere. As you will have seen from my previous posts there is a massive limiting factor in my life. So in order for me to exist everyday knowing there’s a 200 lb gorilla on my back I have to have a different mindset. I can only believe, I can only have absolute unbreakable faith and confidence.

I can…

I will..

I am…

With this as my mantra I know that whatever obstacle gets in my way that there has to be a way past it, left or right, under or over or whatever, there has to be and if i haven’t seen it yet then I’m just not looking correctly. I honestly believe that anything is possible.

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