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Over the past 25 or 30 years there have been many changes, small subtle changes that have seriously changed the way we live. The ideas were initially thought of as being a way to better mankind so they were genuinely good. Sadly the initial motivation gradually morphed into something completely different, completely selfish. It’s now become so ingrained into 99.9% of the population that what’s being told is perfectly true and acceptable, “it has to be the truth!!! Surely”.

What am I referring to? The pharmaceutical giants, initially they were genuinely looking for ways to stop disease, to cure and enable mankind to live better lives. In order for us the people to know anything about the cures or preventative medicines we had to be told by the respected experts, the medical doctors.

All well and good at that time until there was a shift in the paradigm, the law was changed allowing the initially good people to make money, no, not just a good justifiable profit for all the time and efforts they were making, but disgusting sums of money. They achieved this in a few ways, inventing a disease, yes inventing a disease and a drug to combat a symptom of the disease. They invested very heavily in this then used very smart advertisers to promote their wares.

I know this sounds a bit extreme but it’s not, these pariahs spend multi millions doing this in order for them to make billions in profits. So many so-called incurable diseases have cropped up in the last 30 years and now it seems perfectly acceptable. ALS, MS, MD, Motor Neuron Disease to name a few. Degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, childhood diseases like ADD and ADHD then the most rapidly spreading problem of Diabetes these diseases didn’t exist. The rapid rise of disease isn’t because they weren’t understood and medical research has found a way to treat it, no it just didn’t exist until the crops were genetically modified and sprayed with deadly chemicals.

The media who make billions through clever advertising skills are happy to work for the pharmaceutical giants because it’s fantastically profitable.

Looking at ways to ease a symptom is done purely for profit, if they honestly wanted to help people then they should stop looking in the wrong places, they should be looking at what is causing the problem.

I’m going to get off my soapbox now because I know what they’re doing and that the vast majority will be thinking I’m talking out of my backside. Please don’t just ignore this, do your own research and if you spend the time you’ll see I’m telling the truth.



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